UK Hooping L1 Teacher Training Course

Following years of teaching these courses in groups, we decided in 2017 to run these courses on a one to one basis with 3 learning options

  • Full Online Course £99.00
  • A blended learning course, you will have a 2 hour practical hooping session and the remainder of the course is online learning  £140.00
  • A full course with your own instructor to learn the moves and go through course content £200.00


Course Content


Warm Up Ideas

Cooldown Ideas

Structure of Hoop Classes including lesson plans

Routine Ideas

Lesson Structures and variations

Learn Hoop Tricks



This workshop is designed for instructors want to teach hooping.   Qualification allows for full insurance cover to teach hooping

In order to receive your certificate you need to pass the following points:

  • Pass a practical exam in which you will be asked to produce a Session Plan and teach the move to the group displaying the correct teaching points, modifications, adaptations, cueing and planning.

L1 Course Content

Workshop  Hoop Stability, troubleshooting, and health & safety

Beginners Class including warm-up, main workout and cool down with stretches

Hoop Jam  to Enable us to observe delegate’s current skill Levels and offer any corrections/progressions

Planning classes including adaptations and progressions and structuring of different class options

Choreography Work – Learn moves and simple routines

Recap and Questions & Answer Session